D&E Kustoms, LLC
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Machining: D&E has the ability to machine your prototype parts, to machining your production run parts using both conventional machines and the most advanced CNC machines. Our facility has both turning and milling capabilities. We utilize the latest in CAD/CAM technology to program our CNC machines. You can provide us with your 3D solid models and we can use them to program our machines. If your project exceeds our in house capacity we have spent years building relationships with other manufacturers with capacities and processes that complement our services.

Welding/Fabrication:   D&E can perform both TIG and MIG welding depending upon the materials used and your project requirements. Some services that we outsource to complement our fabrication include but are not limited to water cutting, laser cutting, plate rolling, shearing, x-ray inspection, among others. We can even media blast, paint, powder coat, and plate, finish welded parts.

Assembly: D&E can perform simple to complex assembly. We have a wide array of hand tools, including calibrated torque wrenches to insure proper torque specifications are met during assembly. We can verify functionality of assemblies before they leave our facility. This capability allows us to provide you with a turn key solution to reduce your overhead costs.

Materials: D&E can supply and machine almost any material available. These include but are not limited to: aluminum alloys, steel alloys, stainless steel including 17-4, Titanium alloys, high temperature alloys including Molybdenum, Haynes, Invar, Kovar, Hastelloy, Plastics, Composites, Machinable ceramics, and Tungsten alloys.

Secondary Processe's: D&E has established working relationships with many secondary service companies to be able to provide our customers with a finished product. These services include but are not limited to: anodizing, electro-polishing both stainless and aluminum, plating including nickel, copper, gold among others, powder coating, painting, heat treating, and grinding.
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