D&E Kustoms, LLC
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Professional Services

Design Engineering: D&E has the ability to help you design your part/s and or assemblies. We utilize the latest in 3D modeling technology. Models, manufacturing drawings, bill of materials, and graphical images can be created at D&E.

Mechanical Engineering:
D&E contracts with certified mechanical engineers when necessary to insure that your project and or design meets all of your required safety requirements and functionality requirements. FEA analysis can be performed using 3D solid models. We can analyze for structural integrity, thermal uniformity, and vibration. Full reports are provided with parameters used for the analysis and hand calculations if performed.

Project Management: D&E has years of experience with managing projects both large and small. We can manage your manufacturing/assembly project from inception to installation. Utilizing project management software, design collaboration meetings, and video conferencing we can successfully manage your project.

Consulting: With our years of manufacturing experience we have found ourselves helping our customers solve their problems. D&E now provides professional consulting services to our customers. This includes but is not limited to: design, assembly, materials, manufacturing, plant layouts, lean manufacturing techniques, tooling, and professional staffing for the manufacturing industry.

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